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Logo symbolism

The UPA logo symbolizes three hands joined together to representing the fact that our organization developed thanks to the power of solidarity and cooperation among men, women, and the organizations that support us.

The three hands also represent the three components of the UPA: the unions, the federations and the Executive. Finally, they also symbolize the hands of those who work to feed the land and feed the people.

UPA is written in a bold letters in a sans-serif font for clarity and legibility wherever the logo is used.

Together, the shapes and letters create a coherent whole that projects wealth, the power of collective action, and the UPA’s unique spirit of camaraderie.

The farming world is one of constant change. That’s why we decided in 2014 to define a fresh and unifying image that would be faithful to the UPA’s values and mission. The new visual identity contains a signature tagline along with the existing UPA symbol: POUVOIR NOURRIR, POUVOIR GRANDIR—the power to feed, the power to grow.

The Manifest


For the members of the Union des producteurs agricoles, growing food is first and foremost about feeding a population. But it’s also about feeding the hopes and ambitions of entire generations —generations on the move, generations that dream of a close-knit society.

It’s about feeding the passion that drives all Quebec producers.

The desire to offer everyone high-quality products—the best products.

It’s also about feeding discussion, political discourse and social involvement, in order to make our voices heard, and to garner public support for our demands.

We want to keep feeding this solidarity, here, and elsewhere, where the UPA is at work on other continents. We want to grow in our ambition to live off the land we work, the land we live on.
To keep growing together in a world where our similarities are stronger than our differences.

It’s about the power to grow through our concrete actions. The power to harvest the fruits of our collective efforts. The power to create jobs that enrich Quebec every day. The power to win awards and accolades, because our products are respected and loved everywhere in the world. Growing food defines us as a union of men and women constantly in motion. The UPA is growing together towards the future. Growing food, and growing together. That’s what the UPA is about.