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The UPA is a professional farmers’ union with a presence in every region of Quebec, with 92 locals grouped into 12 regional federations and 159 specialized unions active in 27 types of production.
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The UPA’s chief mission is to promote, defend, and further the professional, economic, social, and moral interests of its 42,000 farmer members and, through its affiliation with the Fédération des producteurs forestiers du Québec, its 130,000 private forest landowners.

The UPA is always looking for motivated and creative people to work at its head office in Longueuil. Candidates should seek to contribute to the organization through their expertise in any number of fields: economics, research, leadership, animation, computer graphics, communications, computer science, administration, office work, etc.

If you don’t find the right fit from among the job offers posted, you are invited to send us a general application, which we will keep on file in our database for six months. We encourage you to keep your CV updated to notify us of any changes and keep us abreast of your career interests as they develop.


  • We strive to provide good working conditions for all our employees.
  • The UPA benefit program is highly competitive. It is based on our respect for human resources and value for employees and their well-being: It features a group insurance plan (health, life, and income insurance), an employee assistance program, a pension plan, a group RRSP, access to other pension schemes, and more.
  • Benefits include annual vacation time that increases with years of employment as well as a range of personal leave options.
  • Flexible schedules are offered where possible. Mothers on maternity leave receive additional benefits. Upon return from leave, they are permitted to work four days a week for up to a year.


A question of ethics

As a responsible employer, the UPA cares about the most important issues in the workplace today: equity, career advancement, and work-life balance. Ethics is a key concern. The UPA enforces strict measures regarding:

  • Workplace harassment
  • Equality in employment
  • The use of French as the language of work
  • Accessibility of work facilities for persons with mobility impairment
  • Internships and summer jobs
  • The UPA sees the next generation as one of its greatest assets and is always on the lookout for talented young people who are looking to achieve their full potential by pursuing their career in the UPA and its affiliated federations.
  • Each year, interesting internships and summer jobs are available to students from a wide variety of backgrounds both within and outside the agriculture field.


Just 15 minutes from the Longueuil metro station, close to the major arteries, and easily accessible by public transport, the UPA head office is a pleasant and stimulating workplace that is home to some 500 employees, each one serving Quebec’s agricultural and forestry producers.

Features include restaurants just a few minutes away, a nature trail right outside the door, a cafeteria, a patio for employees, and free parking. We endeavour to provide a wholesome workplace where our employees can enjoy their work feeling happy and safe.