Policy on partnership agreements



In our view, a partnership agreement is an opportunity for two organizations to pool resources in a shared project and strengthen ties with the community.

Selection criteria

The UPA prioritizes projects:

  • That are province-wide in scope
  • That promote the farming profession among our target clienteles
  • That deal with farming as a whole rather than being limited to a particular type of production

We assess potential partnerships based on how well they meet the selection criteria. We also consider the history of the project, the applicants’ experience, how well our messages will be communicated, how we can get the most out of the partnership, the quality and professionalism of the organization, and the creativity and originality of the project. In order to be considered, projects must deal with agriculture today in a professional manner with a positive and accessible approach.

Ineligible organizations

For reasons of ethics, fairness, and respect for our members’ allegiances and beliefs, the following organizations and projects are not eligible for donations or partnerships and will not be selected for financing:

  • Non-registered organizations
  • Religious organizations or institutions
  • Political organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate based on heritage, religion, sex, or sexual orientation
  • Organizations or projects based outside Quebec
  • Personal or family projects
  • Projects pertaining to only one type of agriculture
  • Sports organizations
  • Sports activities (including golf tournaments)

How to apply

Generally, partnership applications are assessed within four to eight weeks after they are received. This period may vary based on the scope of the activity, the amount of money required, and the nature of the request.

Applicants may reach us through the Contact Us section.