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Services provided by BHLF Lawyers

We accept a wide range of mandates : opinion, advice, negociation, mediation, litigation, drafting, training.

Terms and conditions of access

  1. You must be an agricultural producer
  2. The legal issue must not be between two producers or between a producer and the UPA or a group of producers

Like any private practice firm, BHLF Lawyers reserves the right to accept or refuse a mandate due to the unavailability of lawyers or other criteria. Services are billable at a competitive rate and are offered throughout the province of Quebec. Please note that we do not provide matrimonial or estate law services.


Services provided

Agricultural production
  • Production and marketing
  • Collective marketing agreements
  • Regulatory drafting
  • Contracts (purchase, sale, rental)
  • Animal welfare
  • Programs and subsidies
  • Governance and ethical issues
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Wetlands and bodies of water
  • Watercourses and ditches
  • Tree felling
  • Nuisance
  • Pesticides
  • Sustainable development
Municipal and spatial planning
  • Preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities
  • Municipal by-laws (zoning, construction, urban planning)
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Acquired rights and derogatory uses
  • Separation distances standards
  • Municipal taxation
  • Real estate assessment
  • Expropriation
Real estate law
  • Encroachment and infringement of property rights
  • Easements (right of way, conservation, public utility)
  • Boundary delimitation procedures
  • Acquisitive prescription
  • Common works
Liability and offences
  • Damage action
  • Neighbourhood annoyances
  • Latent defects
  • Defamation
  • Statements of offence (Highway Safety Code, Municipal law, Environmental law, etc.)
  • Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)
Other services
  • Access to information and privacy protection related matters
  • Farm buildings construction standards
  • Labour law
  • Insurance and claims

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